AP CFMS Beneficiary Search Under Expenditure Links in cfms.ap.gov.in

Searching Process on AP CFMS Beneficiary Search Under Expenditure Links tab in https://cfms.ap.gov.in/ Website….
Almost every state government in India is now taking advantage of what technology has to offer when it comes to delivering services to citizens. Rather than making do with the long queues witnessed at the relevant department offices, citizens can now access the information they need from the comfort of their homes.

AP CFMS Beneficiary Search
AP CFMS Beneficiary Search

AP CFMS Beneficiary Search Process

Thanks to the AP CFMS portal, it will only be a matter of time before you finally perform a beneficiary online. Well, all you need is an internet-enabled device together with a strong network, and you are good to go.  With these two in place, follow the below procedure to complete Search of CFMS Beneficiary hassle-free.

  • First and foremost, you need to visit the official website of the AP CFMS portal.  To pull this off, type in https://cfms.ap.gov.in/ on the search bar of your web browser after which you should initiate a search
  • The above action will redirect you to the homepage of the AP CFMS portal. Here, scroll down the page and look for the Citizen Services option
  • From the options provided, click on the ‘Expenditure Links’ option
  • Select the ‘Beneficiary Search’ option from the drop-down list that appears
  • Next, select the option for which you want to use in searching for the beneficiary.  Some of the most notable options include Aadhaar Card, PAN number, Bank Account Number, Beneficiary No, Request number
  • You will then have to correctly fill in your credential details. Ensure they are in line with what you’ve filled above
  • Confirm the details after which you should click on the ‘Search’ option
  • You’ve now completed the Beneficiary Search at the AP CFMS portal successfully.  The moment you click on the ‘Submit’ button, you will get details such as PAN number, Aadhaar number, Beneficiary code, name, address to mention a few.

Hopefully, these steps will come in handy when performing Beneficiary Search online at the AP CFMS portal.  Provided you have a strong internet connection, you will not have to worry about a delay in the loading time. Better, you can perform the Beneficiary Search anytime anywhere. 

How to Search AP CFMS Beneficiary Under Expenditure Links in cfms.ap.gov.in?

  1. How to Search Beneficiary in cfms.ap.gov.in?

    Visit AP CFMS website and select the ‘Citizen Services’ option. Here, you have to click on the ‘Beneficiary Search’ option that is under the Expenditure Links service. Select the option you want to search with like PAN Number and fill in the details correctly. Click on the ‘Search’ option to complete the process and find what you need.

  2. How to check Civil Deposits in cfms.ap.gov.in?

    First things first, visit the official AP CFMS portal using your most preferred web browser. On the home page, you have to select ‘Citizen Services’ tab. A drop-down list will appear displaying a list of services. From the list of services available, select ‘Civil Deposits’ to find the details you need.

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